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LIOGAM is the leader in the production of freeze-dried food on the Polish market. We have been operating since 1992.

The company's mission

Our mission is to produce freeze-dried products of the highest quality. We achieve this through the implementation of a policy based on the principle of balanced and sustainable development and taking into account the needs of suppliers, customers, employees and society.


We place our customers in the centre of attention by constantly developing our offer and adapting it to their needs. We provide the highest level of quality of products, as well as professional service and attractive conditions of cooperation.


Liogam ensures safe working conditions and employee development. We promote creativity, personal responsibility and teamwork.


Liogam manages its environmental impact by rationally managing the resources. In our activities we focus on sustainable and eco-friendly production

Numbers that will sway you towards us


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The highest quality of our products is ensured by careful selection and quality control at every stage of production. We have implemented the HACCP system and certificates: ecological, BRC, GLOBAL GAP


Our technology is currently the most modern and healthiest method of food preservation.  This process can be applied to almost all organic substances, including vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, herbs and also meat. Freeze-dried products retain their full nutritional value, taste, smell and colour.  They do not need any additives or preservatives to maintain their properties even for several years.

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Sustainable production

Sustainable development means striving to improve the quality of life while maintaining social equality, biodiversity and wealth of natural resources.
What is investing in sustainable development?

  • stopping the progressing degradation of the environment,
  • rationalization of use of natural resources,
  • ensuring the needs for development of our and future generations,
  • improving production efficiency.

In order to not be indifferent to the problems of the modern world, the company LIOGAM joined the program of Sustainable Agriculture Development in 2012.  
Through numerous trainings, we raise our suppliers’ awareness and knowledge and enable them to better understand the adopted idea. Sustainable agricultural techniques can significantly increase the quantity and quality of crops, bring benefits to farmers and their families, and at the same time help reduce the consumption of natural resources and degradation of the environment. 
Sustainable development is our guideline, how to live and how to produce without harming the environment.


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Enrich your company offer with the highest quality products. It's the perfect moment, especially at a time when healthy eating has become the general trend.

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